This Hakeem Jeffries X Nas mashup is brilliant

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Xenia over Xenophobia is brilliant.
For all of the “We must protect Western culture” concern trollies out there, Xenia is the Greek ethic of hospitality and was an immensely important cultural pillar. So much of the Oddyssey is a mediation on the nature of Xenia and it was one of the key domains of Zeus. From a Greek perspective, it’s one of the critical separators that defines the existence of civilization.


One bright, decent human being guts the entire right-wing gameplan without even raising a sweat or raising his voice. There, that wasn’t so hard was it trumproids? OK, well for most of you it probably was pretty tough but it really comes down to, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That old biblical thing you might have heard about.


I was waiting for a bass drop in there, and want to edit for a synchronized Hakeem roooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrr. :lion:

This is amazing, and really works as music! His cadence weaves masterfully in and out of phase with the rhythmic structure of Nas’s instrumental, which is my favorite aspect of really good rap.

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