This highly-rated massage therapy gun just went on sale for 65% off ahead of Black Friday

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Ahem. “Hysterical paroxysms.”


USA f’ ya, message therapy gun!


Odd, don’t the massage gun ads that appear on BoingBoing incessantly usually have pix of ripped sweaty half-nekkid elegantly coiffed “athletes” kinda awkwardly wielding them?

Can you buy aftermarket attachments for this model?

Because, you know, the old standard Hitachi Magic Wand has all sorts of aftermarket accessories


I do have trouble working out if they’re trying to sell an actual massage machine, or a wink-wink, nudge-nudge “massage” machine.
Although I’m pretty sure that BoingBoing would be happy to advertise a sex toy as a sex toy.

These are less vibration and more a hard push into the muscle. I bought the Hitachi Magic Wand and a newer-style massage “gun” to try relieving some really bad knots in my back. The wand does nothing at all for deep muscle pain. The latter, which is like tiny, repeating shoves straight into the muscle, did a decent job loosening up my back, but it probably wouldn’t feel good in tender areas (unless that’s your thing).

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