These 10 massage gun deals prove pain doesn’t have to also cripple your wallet

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[19th-century “hysterical paroxysms” joke here]


I feel cheated, some of the models weren’t totally ripped young dudes without a scrap of body-hair! Boingboing’s standards of excellence in nudge-nudge wink-wink advertising are slipping!


“These 10 massage gun deals prove pain doesn’t have to also cripple your wallet you could probably do with a National Health Service.”


Do people actually use these things for anything other than masturbation?


you’ve got to have a serious kink if you’re using one of these for that. there are much cheaper and lighter versions that are far better suited for a woman’s dj set.

I’m a pretty burly dude, not ripped or anything, just on the tougher side of things. I recently bought one of these beasts and had a friend go at my back. We got up to level 18 and although it hurt, it also felt righteous in the shoulders and upper spine. I woke up in the middle of that night and it felt as if someone beat the ever-living fudge outta me. I’ve also experienced some bruising when i stop paying attention and go below my calves.


This is one of the most righteous posts ever. I feel like hitting the gym, now.

But, yeah, most people use these to get off.


There was a young man from Lachine
Who invented a jerkoff machine.
Concave or convex
It could fit either sex
With attachments for those in between.


I misread it as “These 10 massive gun deals…”

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a few comments:

several of the dudes are massaging a muscle they are currently flexing by holding the gun

“AI” in a massage gun? is there some kind of ad-copy contest going on?

the last pic with the yoga lady with the massage gun on her thigh seemed familiar…I’m pretty sure I know how that one ends (and by that I mean I vaguely remember the 3 minute mark)

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With some of the BB shop posts they’ve done lately, I wouldn’t put it past them.

So, can you shoot blanks with a massage gun?

Like, it makes all the required buzzing sounds, but you don’t feel a thing?

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Yeah! I want a massage machine for spongy, overweight, hairy people like me.

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