This hotel really does launder your money


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Now I want clean coins. Sigh.


Nice use of resources. WTF!


Better than washing all those gloves


So, they’ve destroyed the numismatic value of every coin that’s ever passed through their system.


I don’t know what value or benefit this is providing the hotel. However if they’re fastidious enough to make sure their change is clean i would assume they pay close attention to other parts of the hotel, so there’s that.

This seems rather wasteful though, using up all that water and energy to wash coins.


But the sound of the dryers keeps everyone up all night


[quote=“Grey_Devil, post:6, topic:99796”]I don’t know what value or benefit this is providing the hotel.[/quote]A lot more people sure have heard of San Francisco’s Westin St. Francis Hotel now than would have otherwise.


I could see a higher tech solution involving an automated process, here.

Pressure washing etc…


Ultrasound would be the most effective way to clean the coins along with the appropriate solution i think.


20 Mule Team Borax soap.

The best part of the whole story.


Ah, you’re totally right! Much cheaper and faster, too.
Add in a little air flow, maybe have the guy flip the coins over halfway through the process and bam, clean coins.

Technology is inherently anti-employment.


I think all the hotels in Vegas do this. I even know there’s a Casino in Biloxi Mississippi that has a on display coin washing room.


When I was a kid, Dennis the Menace comic books had a series of the Mitchell family traveling around the American west. This hotel was one of the stops.


The Upright Citizens Brigade knows why they do this:


From the title I thought it had something to do with some Trump hotel.


It’s a pretty famous hotel already, on par with London’s Savoy or NYC’s Waldorf-Astoria. Not that I’ve ever stayed in it, luxury hotels never seemed to be how I wanted to spend money on vacation, but it isn’t some obscure place needing any publicity.


Do they also have someone who cleans and irons paper money? And maybe does a bit of origami with some of it?


Do the people who stay in this hotel even know what coins are?


It’s what they leave for tips :wink: