This house cat makes a pretty convincing lion


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You're not lion!


"Here I am; here I remane*"

*mane may not actually be a replacement for prior mane; subject may not actually be stationary, speaker probably not Atreides"


Sure, it's cute now, but you'll be regretting this once it downs your gazelle.


It's more likely to vomit in your Impala.


A leash? Is that a leash I see? Who would put a leash on a lion, let alone a cat?


That is sooooo much better than 'breading'!


True, but only my equally tiny domesticated gazelles.


Do your tiny gazelles have hats that make them look like other animals, too?


No, they actually look like chihuahuas when they aren't wearing their gazelle horn hats... :worried:


It's all. Bleedin'. Coming. Together.


Everything the light touches: that is our litter box.


Dude needs mane.


Wonder if this kitten is related?


I'd like one of these manes, but the ones I've seen on Amazon and elsewhere seem more like used Tr*mp hair pieces than magnificent housecat lion manes...

amazon dot com/Dogloveit-Costume-Lion-Halloween-Dress/dp/B00NW8QEDY

I've seen one on Etsy, but I have to say that $55 is more than I'm interested in spending on such a thing...


That's Jura. He's big on the Instagrizzle.

Fun fact: despite being a Scottish fold, his ears don't have the fold. This is apparently a thing.


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