This house for sale looks inconspicuous until you see all the creepy mannequins inside

Better duck and cover soon.


So, once upon a time they had a room with picture windows and sliding doors to the outside and then build a garage there, cutting off all the light unless the garage door is open?

That whole front right corner with the flat roof and stairs up to the next floor looks like an addition.


I don’t know about covering a duck, but someone appears to be petting a chicken…

Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 11.57.03 AM

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It looks to me like it was a single family home chopped in two with an eye towards renting it as a ski season rental. It would have been pretty typical in this area and time when it was built for the home to have an open but covered carport with living space above.

It looks like they closed off the carport and turned it into a garage, then later added a few ft of living space that overhangs the garage door so they could have a separate entrance and unit for the 2nd floor.

Lots of the homes in this area were modified over the years with an eye towards making them into seasonal rental units. Most of them turned into nonsensical monstrosities like this one.

If I was considering buying this place, I’d like to see the permitting that went along with all that slapdash construction.


yes, sadly this is true indeed. I guess the fact that it is actually two apartments also adds value to the property overall.