This Hummer is so giant it doubles as a 2-story apartment

I was reading about the wood-gas powered car built by former Finland prime minister Juha Sipilä. He converted an El Camino and renamed it “El Kamina” which means “Fireplace” :smiley:


Beat me to it.

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The power plant in those things puts out about 3 MW (according to wikipedia), which would require about 15000 square meters of solar panels operating at peak output (bearing in mind they have a capacity factor of 10-20 %, so you’ll actually need a lot more). I don’t think it’d fit.

However, that power output allows them to haul 363 tons at a speed of 68 km/h, so you might be able to manage a crawl if you don’t load it up and lighten the structure accordingly (like, removing the engine and hopper and maybe some of the suspension built to deal with it being fully loaded… I feel like you’d be better off starting from scratch in that case). For zombie apocalypse survival, I think ships are the way to go.


My assumption was you wouldn’t want to travel at 68kph (nor carry hundreds of tons of rock) and shedding the hopper would lose a fair amount of weight (at least equivalent to whatever kind of structure you’d put on the back), so the power required would be a tiny, tiny fraction of the max output (which is far beyond what you’d use in normal operation anyways - similar trucks run on 1.4 MWh batteries), which would do nicely for a slow crawl. Throw some of the super-expensive, super-high efficiency solar panels on there (if our starting point is free access to a mining truck…) and you’re good to go.

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Except for the zombie orcas. The bastards.


Ritual Purposes.

Journey to a Savage Planet called it:

lets look at Top 25 Richest People in Dubai.

Let’s not.

Came to check this reply had been made. Left satisfied.

Do zombies float?

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