This ice cream is meant to taste like a dive bar

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I remember going to punk rock shows as a teen and liking the way my clothes smelled the next day. It was a mix of clove cigarettes, cheap beer, sweat and smoke on an old cotton t-shirt but somehow the combined ingredients smelled great.


Sounds like a flavor inspired by a typo.


I’ve had many delicious ice creams with alcohol in them, but every time I’ve tried a beer-flavored ice cream, it’s been godawful. Even when hand made by talented folks using good beer (ref: Amy’s Ice Cream’s Shiner Bock ice cream). It always tastes flat (for obvious reasons) and skunked (for less obvious, but perhaps unavoidable reasons).

I suppose “skunked beer” could maybe fit the dive bar theme, though, for an especially dive-y bar.


i love dive bars, and i love ice cream – but ice cream that somehow evokes the flavor of a dive bar? not seeing the appeal.


People who like this sort of thing will find that this is the sort of thing they like. You can have mine.


Yeah, even the elements that aren’t gross (e.g. peanuts) get described in a way that makes them seem gross (“it’s like the sweepings off a bar’s floor!”) They might as well add in the flavor of the urine tracked in from the men’s restroom and the taste of poorly washed glasses… Mmmmm!


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yeah, actually, the smell of over-used urinals (or urinal cakes) was my first thought along with smoke, not peanuts.


It’s $36 a 6 pack because they had to license the wrappers to look like the back of a closed box store. Look for it where you buy Askimo Pie, Assorted Ice Cram Sandwiches, and Creamdicles.


How many people are going to take one bite and spit it out, thinking they were biting into a “Dove Bar”, not a “dive bar”.

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I hung out in many dive bars in Detroit, I think Detroit might be the capitol for dive bars, and by dive bars I mean corner bars. There is a one mile stretch of road that we used to start at one end and have a drink at every bar in that mile, it was virtually impossible not to get completely hammered.

I worked in a couple dive bars as a bartender and was usually they guy that dumped the ice in the urinals.

That’s the smell I really don’t want my ice cream to taste like.

“combines beer, peanut swirl, tobacco smoke flavor, caramel and a dark chocolate dip,”

That smell is a smell I actually enjoy as it brings back memories of my youth. I haven’t been in a dive bar in a few years because covid but now I want to go have a burger.

I would try that ice cream bar if it wasn’t for the 5% alcohol.

I’m holding out for Abandoned Gas Station Bathroom-flavored sherbert.


…and regret.


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