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In the Middle East, more than 90 percent of the fine aerosol particles that are detrimental to health and the climate originate from human-made sources


So much for going outside pretty much anywhere for a bit of “fresh air.” :cry:




I’ve spent long periods sleeping rough before, but I could never imagine what it would be like for an Englishman.


… “We received word today that one of the farms we were buying produce from has contaminated fields," Ann Arbor’s White Lotus Farms wrote on social media. “We will no longer be doing business with them but want to let you know about this immediately. If you purchased zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes or green peppers recently, please throw them out and ask for a refund on your next visit.”

Although it may have been sold at other locations, Kuntry Gardens produce is known to have been sold at:

  • Kuntry Gardens, 29910 R Drive South, Homer
  • Busch’s Fresh Food Market stores in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Canton, Clinton, Dexter, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Novi, Pinckney, Plymouth-Northville, Rochester Hills, Saline, South Lyon, Tecumseh, and West Bloomfield
  • Simply Fresh Market, 7300 Grand River Road, Brighton
  • White Lotus, 7217 W. Liberty Road, Ann Arbor
  • Argus Farm Stop, 325 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor
  • Agricole Farm Stop, 118 N. Main St., Chelsea
  • Pure Pastures, 1192 Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth
  • Ypsi Coop, 312 North River St., Ypsilanti
  • Greener Pastures Market, 21202 Pontiac Trail, South Lyon
  • Holiday Market, 520 S Lilley Road, Canton
  • Cherry Capitol, Traverse City

Human waste can carry diseases such as hepatitis A, Clostridium difficile, E coli, rotavirus and norovirus. While no illnesses have been reported yet, MDARD officials are urging anyone experiencing symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice (yellowing of the skin), fever, abdominal cramps, loss of appetite, weakness, headache, or other symptoms of foodborne illness to seek medical care.

@IronEdithKidd b/c Ann Arbor



… Kathy Sample, owner of Argus Farm Stop in Ann Arbor, said she knows the farmer at Kuntry Gardens and has spoken to him about the situation.

“He’s appropriately affected by this, believe me,” said Sample, who added that the farmer has indicated that raw human waste was not being dumped onto the fields where he grows food for the public.

The farmer, who is Amish, reportedly said the waste from his family’s outhouses was dumped into a separate field but that the equipment used to till that soil was also used in the field where food is grown to be sold.

“It wasn’t the practice of taking that product and using it as fertilizer for the fields,” Sample said. “It was machinery cross-contaminating.” …

… “He’s got to figure out what to do with his livelihood for the rest of the year. And then, hopefully, the consumer will understand that this was an isolated incident, that it’s been corrected, and I’m confident that he’ll correct it.” …


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Does the fact that he is Amish have anything to do with the story? Amazingly poor judgement, but I suspect not due to Amish-ness.


Fortunately, I’m not wealthy enough to shop at any of those stores and decided “nah” when I was in Canton last week driving by Holiday market (great beer selection and very good fresh deli/take-away). As long as Meijer and Fresh Thyme don’t make the list, I’m safe! :blush: Folks in town are righteously pissed, though.


Yeah, I’m suspecting he was probably a little lax at cleaning and maintaining his equipment. Not good, but also something just about anybody could be guilty of.


Perhaps his being Amish is related to the type of agricultural equipment used? I doubt he has one of those giant plow thingies.

Well, then I can be righteously ahem relieved.

This whole scene is just so fucked. :frowning: Supposedly organic farms giving us unsafe food, just like big ag’s chemical-rich ones do.


Organic can be super safe. Our backyard probably gets a fair bit of “fertilizing” by random cats, too many trash pandas, bunnies, skunks and 'possums, but never by human poop (because WTAF?!?). The soil gets a shot of 12-12-12 in April, but that’s it. Rain, crop rotation, compost/decomposing mulch/plant roots from prior years and some companion planting is all the garden gets for nutrient input after plants go in the ground.


That’s precisely why it’s so fucked. It’s supposed to be safer.

Everyone who farms knows better’n to use that kind of waste. ETA: They also know their equipment must be properly cleaned!

All those chemicals big ag uses are horrible, and probably damn near if not all of 'em need to be banned.


We have Amish farmer here too, selling to us “foreigners” at a farmers market. People flock to their gorgeous hothouse tomates, no matter that they’re out of season. No claims to being organic.

I know i shouldn’t suspect them and their ways with no info or evidence, but those tomatoes sure do look too perfect. :sweat: And i do wonder if the Amish are as careful with them and the berries for the jams and pies and such that they sell to us, as they are with produce grown for their own consumption.


You’re not a ‘foreigner’ to them, you’re ‘English’. Even if you have no English heritage. It just means, well, foreigner to them.