This is one lucky, lucky strike


That’s a small bowling alley.


As a former bowling alley mechanic, that triggers me in a very specific way that only folks who work in bowling alleys and have had to deal with folks complaining their scores are wrong will understand. :wink:


Zen soup for the chicken souls.


Soul soup for the Zen chickens?


No one actually watches those later, do they?



Isn’t this against the rules?
Am I really the only one around here who cares about the rules?


Clearly it’s Calvinbowl.

:thinking: But where are their masks?


Like I said, total disregard of the rules…


Here in UK we called it 14:9, if I understand you correctly. There were guidelines for how to shoot in it so as not to lose things from 4:3 screens when zoomed, and to maximise things when shown with bars on a 16:9 screen.

A subject dear to my heart: I once forced a major international TV manufacturer to change the chips on its production line and send a factory-based engineer to retrofit to my new set as it was unable to show 14:9, which was a big thing back then when we started to transition from 4:3 to 16:9 sets. I was within a couple of days of sending the set back to the retailer as unfit for purpose under trading standards regulations, when the manufacturer folded and admitted its shiny new set could not do what was advertised.


Art soul soup? (Say it very fast several times)


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