Next-level flipper flips his pencil and sticks the upright landing


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Who cares if it’s fake? I hope it’s not.


Bonus points for rockin’ The Buggles’ Trevor Horn look. :+1:


Could be fake but i’ll give the kid the benefit of the doubt. This is definitely pretty lucky that it landed standing up, though as far as tricks are considered i will go with the skating mantra… though i forget the exact working:

Land a trick once and you got lucky, land a trick twice and you’ve got the hang of it, land a trick three times and you’ve owned it.

So i’ll be terribly impressed if someone can consistently land a pencil this way :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m guessing he made some sort of pact with the devil to make this happen. You can even hear Satan’s incantations in the slowed down version.


If it is fake then at least he gets the award for the only genuine looking open-mouth shock expression I’ve seen this century - it’s all in the eyes y’know, the eyes.


I’ve always told my kids that if you do something cool the first time, luck or not, don’t attempt it again. If you do, and fail time after time to repeat it, people will know it was just luck and stop talking about it.


Once when I was a teenager playing D&D I rolled 2d10 for some percentile check for a player, and they were the kind with the top and bottom points flattened out to a tiny 2mm pentagon, and one of them stopped balanced on its tip.

(I don’t remember specifically what the roll was for, but I let the player have whatever he wanted to happen, happen.)

Anyway, exceedingly rare things do happen, exceedingly rarely.


If an infinite number of sapians flip an infinite number of pencils…


Back in my smoking (and littering) days I threw a cigarette butt on some concrete stairs and it landed upright after a few flips. Unfortunately cell phones weren’t a thing then…but I swear it happened!!


Once I tossed a bill onto a bar and it landed (and stayed) on its lengthwise edge. It must’ve had the absolute minimum necessary angle of fold because it looked like a perfectly flat bill impossibly standing straight up.



I’ve seen coins land on their edge a few times over the years, though i would presume it’s not nearly as difficult as other examples people have listed.


I don’t think this is fake and don’t even see a reason to believe it’s fake, but IF it is, he’s a genius for starting to reach for the pencil before realizing it’s standing up on its own. A detail I doubt somebody would have thought of if it’s fake.


Seems legit to me.

Although missing the Sid Snot reaction:


It looks like a General’s copy pencil, but it probably isn’t. It’s probably just some pencil from a colored pencil set.

Not that anybody cares.


In high school I was making a wish on a wishbone. Both arms broke off, leaving the sharp-pronged center Y to spin up into the air and come down on our kitchen table, where it stuck, point-first and quivering, upright in the wood.

I did not get my wish.



My first thought was that maybe some static electricity was involved. My second is that I should go to sleep before I spout too much bullshit.


You got lucky. Something like that could start a localized apocalypse.