This is the creator of Comic Sans


Hmm…I’m thinking that the over use of Papyrus didn’t occur until much later when WYSIWYG desktop and web publishing became a thing for the masses. In the 80’s you actually had to work to use specific fonts, including using Letraset rub-off transfers or cut outs - they weren’t something that came with your computer or a Word Processor.


I’ve used Papyrus several times on Christian music album covers, always specifically by request of the artist. “Do whatever design you want but make sure you use this wonderful font I saw on my church program cover!”


Is it bad my immediate attention was drawn to ‘action zone’ being at crotch level on those pants?


God, yes. Please, please stop with using versals and swash caps as all caps!!!

Though I do have one pet peeve further than that. Don’t randomly mix black letter minuscule and majuscule, ala Midas Mufflers :scream:


I wonder if they’ll use Comic Sans on his tombstone.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind it on my own tombstone. Because I’ll be dead.


Just a quick reminder:

Don’t use horrible fonts. Think of the bunnies.


There are other perfectly fine fonts that have been killed by overuse. Papyrus, for example.


I will always hate comic sans more than i hate hitler.


But, maybe, less than you hate Trump, given that “hitler” is dead?


That was quite some ninja editing there heh.

I’m paraphrasing another quote and being ever so slightly melodramatic.

There’s nothing i hate more than drumpf!


Indeed! Though I don’t do major ninja edits if people have already responded to or liked the post. I would have deleted it when I thought better of the post I accidentally posted prematurely, but then you get the 24 hour deleted post of shame… :grimacing:


No, that’s kind of the point.





I prefer this version that keeps the curly tail to the y". Makes for a better mashup. Too bad the person who created this version didn’t actually make a full font to go with the mash up. (There is a Comic Papyrus font out there, but IMO it doesn’t use enough of the distinctive Papyrus swashes to really make for a cool/awful mash up. It’s really just a grunged Comic Sans and not a true Comic Papyrus.)


Interview with the Creator of Papyrus.



Papyrus is a competently executed font ruined by overuse. Comic Sans is a bad font. It looks like it was written with a mouse in MS Paint. Compare it to any professional comic letterer’s work. Hell, Dilbert has better lettering than that.


Vsauce: A Defense of Comic Sans

This seems topically appropriate to post.


Well, there is one appropriate use of Comic Sans: Trump Tweets.