This is the first photograph of a solar eclipse


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For anyone who has read Neal Stephenson’s latest book it is also the the event that ended magic in the world.


Right. It’s just part of the special effects from the hoax Apollo 11 footage. The real sun isn’t even black! Round-Earth fakery!


Got my ISO certified glasses on the way. Plan to go about an hour north of town for peak time of 100% eclipse.


I don’t even want the glasses. I enjoy looking at everything else during an eclipse. The momentarily polarized light throws some weird-ass shadows (and some weird ass-shadows as well)


looks more like the first photograph of a bauhaus album


I plan to tell my kid and her friend, “Quick, everything is legal during the total eclipse! Do what ever you want.” and see what they do…


Be sure they aren’t armed.


What part of “everything is legal” did I not make clear? :wink:


It’s dreamy science. Like an illustration by Edward Gorey.


A little known fact - during the July 1851 Eclipse, you could traverse all seven bridges without retracing your path.


Sure, the hypnotic projectors fail during a solar eclipse. Everyone knows that!


So cool that they caught an arc (top left) in the first ever image.


Too bad Kant missed this.


84 seconds to take a picture of the sun? What were they using, Velvia?


Whom to believe – Boundegar or Husker Du?


Thus do I further refute Boundegar:


I got to view a full eclipse as kid when i lived in Venezuela. And the shadows during the eclipse was really trippy, particularly if you’re by an area that is shaded by trees because you see moon shapes everywhere when it starts. Where i currently live we won’t get the full eclipse but it should still be pretty interesting to see :slight_smile:


it’s better than drugs