This is the potato chip grabber


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Unusual description. I’m guessing China… or a red state here at home.



I discovered this on my own eating powdered donuts.


This appears to be a better option:


I use rubber sterile gloves [black], it’s a statement maker and ice breaker at parties.


I think the main advantage of this device is that it makes the chips last longer. Using your hand its so tempting to grab a bunch at the same time, but here you can at most get one. Better for your health too if you can’t eat so many.


BDSM parties? It wouldn’t be that out of the norm.


Amateurs! Professional chip eaters use this method;


Is it bad that I had a serious think about this and that the best way would be chopsticks with some sort of rubberized bit on the end?


When this comic first came out, it changed my life. Forever.


We live in the best of all possible worlds.


When donning them, do you ssstrrrreeeetch them on, then let them smartly SNAP! back?


Can it automatically pick out the foldies from the bag for me? those are simply the best…


One could ‘build’ a quasi-foldie by placing one normal chop on top of another.


Oh, you’ve seen me act.


No. Just hoping that someone out there does the smart-snapback.


Susan Pompoms approves of this device.


This made me laugh and laugh. Dear old David Malki. :smiley:


I am almost positive that this means that somewhere sometime we can find robots humping sentient skateboard-riding dinosaurs. :slight_smile: