Wide chip bag developed for large-handed consumers




Open the bag lengthways. You end up with an open bag that stands up by itself and don’t run the risk of having chips explode all over you. Also: eat Cheetos with chopsticks.


As if large-handed men weren’t coddled enough already? Speaking for Dainty-Americans everywhere, I am outraged!

Also, if I recall correctly, the side-seam bag-rip is popular in Japan, where it has a quite filthy nickname.


Or you could, you know, cut off the top part of the bag. When the number of chips has diminished to the point that I have to put my arm in past the wrist I cut off the upper part of the bag, leaving enough that I can fold it over and use a chip clip to try and prevent staleness.

Then again I’m not a crime boss with freakishly giant hands who stuffs an entire bag of chips with the word “BEEF” prominently printed on it into my mouth at one time.


big hand shaming!


Holy shit, that picture proves it: Elvis is still alive!


Chip bag?

You’re English, dammit!


That’s a 50 gram bag. You’d have to have freakishly tiny hands to get your arm in past the wrist, and a freakishly tiny appetite to want to save some for later.


I have a crazy idea. It’s called a bowl or if you’re roughing it, a paper towel or napkin. Of course if you’re eating on the hoof, not so practical.


My other half used to laugh at me for tipping Pringles out of the tube rather than just reaching in as she does - I had to demonstrate that the differences in our anatomy means that if I did that I would only be able to eat the top 3" and that’s not enough.


Public service announcement: walking tacos are an abomination.

It seems like a great idea at first


I’m still waiting for chips that come pre-packaged in a funnel, so I don’t have to bother with all that grabbing and lifting.


AKA: Bowl.


as a large handed person it just occurred to me that other people do actually reach into chip bags, something I haven’t done since i was a child. When I eat chips I pour a few into my hand at a time.

of course this has never been an inconvenience that i wanted fixed.


I have done what that comic suggests and yes, it does work really well.


And those narrow necks just get in the way of shoveling into your maw as fast as you can between labored breaths.


I’m still trying to work out what, in particular, is so “terrifying” about those hands?


This ham-fisted individual just tears the bag apart. If you don’t like it don’t eat with me. Growl.


But then you have to suck the chopsticks at the end to get the extra cheese dust, and that’s just weird.


Rona Thorne: You just have to find the right guy who’s not intimidated by your power.
Lana Kane: Or my twin Tec-9’s.
Rona Thorne: Or those big steam shovelly scoops you call hands.