How to seal a bag of chips without a clip

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Or make “One bag” your smallest unit of chip consumption.


Wait, Step 0 and Step X are to smash the chips to smithereens?


That’s fine and dandy when you’ve got about six inches of bag to fold up to make your origami seal, but is it a technique that works when you haven’t consumed half the contents of an already roomy bag? I’ll stick to clips and hastily-applied bits of tape, I think.


I need to rethink my life.


What bags of chips are you eating where the chips take up so much of the bag?


Like you’ve just opened the bag to shrink it and stuff it into your backpack at the shop? You don’t have to open it up that much - just a tiny gap is enough to push out the air.

Similarly, it’s rare that I can open a bag and have the opening be so clean, usually it gets ripped downward a little bit, which then slowly gets bigger every time I reach in for more chips.


The tape is funny because that is still obviously an Utz bag.


I was wondering why he covered up the Utz logo.

Waaaaaait a minute. Those aren’t Mark’s hands!

I just use clothespins for all my bag sealing. They’re amazingly cheap, and just wood with a bit of metal.


Tried it a few times but the clear plastic bag kept exploding out after being “sealed” due to the springiness of the plastic. Maybe this works with thinner bags but not thicker.


This is top-level snackromancy.


I’ll have to remember that the next time I’m eating chips out of a bag, while sitting at a table.

(BTW, all this does is keep the chips from falling out of the bag. It doesn’t seal out air and moisture, which is what makes them go stale faster.)

I was looking at the technique as a general procedure for closing things without clips, rather than something to be used for packets of chips only. Like, I have clips for bread, rice, cereal, and so on, things which tend not to empty quickly enough to make packet origami viable; I generally have enough clips for most things, so why bother with fancy folding, when I can just rifle through a drawer for another clip?

That’s one of my few gripes about Trader Joe’s - their packaging is notoriously difficult to open, especially the chips. My sharpest knife can hardly cut through their vacu-sealed steak packaging.


She’s clearly a Chipwich.

Just do what I end up doing. Eat the entire bag of chips in one sitting despite promising myself that I WILL NOT do this again. No worries about ripped or non-closing bags.

Don’t forget to finish the event by drinking the fridge dry of all its beer.

Now, because of blood sugar swings and the late hour, open and then eat the entire bag of chocolate chips.


So throw in a silica gel packet.

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