This is the world's largest deliverable pizza

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But it still only has 4 corner slices. :frowning:


You’re really burying the lead with the little hat tip to Pee-Wee Herman way at the bottom.

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Is my social group unusual, or are there really that many people who like a middle slice of pizza with no edge at all?

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The delivery of that beast makes it all worthwhile. :smiley:


Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself.




what makes it not worth it is that it costs alot for mediocre to bad pizza.

I don’t know for sure, but in my family we’d need, at minimum, to take the center slices and stick 'em back in the oven to crisp up.

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I don’t trust square pizza.


I would be impressed if it were hand tossed. The delivery vehicle is adorable though. What I really want to know is how you get 50-70 people to agree on toppings.

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They’re actually not that bad.

Number of slices is a worthless measure of pizza. You need to think about area and thickness before anything else.


How do you get a 54 inch wide pizza through your front door without all the toppings sliding to one side?


I think if you’re the type who eats 54 inch pizzas, you just get wider doors.


Volume / weight are not easily available measurements, but I had the same thought about area. So I did some math.

A large pizza in the US has a seemingly standard size of 14". Little Caesar’s is the only competition in this game.

Restaurant Square Inches Price Number of Pizzas Cost per Sq Inch
BMaP 2916 249.99 1 $0.09
Dominos 1232 199.75 8 $0.16
Pizza Hut 1232 199.75 8 $0.16
Papa Johns 1540 199.80 10 $0.13
Little Caesars 3080 249.99 25 $0.08

Probably the pie is actually cooked to completion.

But the slice comparison compares to the worlds worst.

I’m a bit disappointed that they don’t air-lift it.

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Uh, your numbers are all messed up - for example, $199.75 buys you 25 pizzas at Domino’s, not 8 pizzas, for 3848 in^2 total and a cost per square inch of $0.05. Similar errors for all the other chain restaurants. BMaP is by far the highest cost.