This is the world's smallest sushi


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Those are adorable. :slight_smile: :sushi::sushi::sushi::sushi::sushi:


Size doesn’t matter?


I’ve had sushi where the piece of fish was that tiny.


“How did you find your meal?”
“I moved the chopsticks.”


I’m having the world’s smallest sushi.

But I won’t tip!


The tiny sushi plate includes Toro (tuna)

Toro is fatty tuna. Lean tuna is maguro.


What is this, sushi for ants?!?
It needs to be at least three times as big!


So cute!

But yea that European woman seriously needs to get some help before its too late.


This video led me to wonder how many grains of rice are in one piece of nigiri sushi, an lo, the internet answereth:


Now, that was weird.

I liked it! :grinning:


Hate to be the person who counts out the rice for each sushi.


Tamago? Is that even sushi?


Tamago nigiri is the BEST sushi!



Sushi is defined by the rice. There is vegetarian sushi. I had a sushi once which was more of a rice salad with edible flowers.

Sushi is defined by the inclusion of prepared sushi rice. For the most part, that means rice with sugar, salt and vinegar.

By all means Japanese folks flame me here. Please! That is the best of my understanding.


You think that’s adorable, wait till you see the tiny fish-shaped soy packet that accompanies it.


I hope she was moved (although that’s weird, too) and not simply left hungry…


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