This is what happens when you fill a car's gas tank with Coke


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What did the moron think would happen?


Probably that people would watch his youtube videos and he’d increase his (almost 6M) subscribers.


THEY don’t want your to know!


I feel like my IQ has just been lowered by watching this video. Not a wonderful thing.

Coke is water plus syrup. Both of which are not things you want in your gas tank (maybe your enemy’s gas tank).



The Onion has fewer than a million.

I really wonder what kind of a weird alchemy makes people who pour coke (And bleach. And liquid nitrogen…) into their gas tanks rise to the top of the entertainment food chain.

The hydraulic press channel I sort of get - totally bizarre Finnish metal dude tearing stuff to pieces, with explosions - what’s not to like? This leaves me baffled.


If he was trolling it seems like a waste of a perfectly good car. If he wasn’t, well then he’s dumb for not realizing gasoline engines need electrolytes to run properly, not carbonation. Try Gatorade next time, idiot.


BRAWNDO - It’s got what BMWs crave!


you get exactly what you should have known you’d get…a damaged engine.


Just stop with the half measures. Pour a gallon of maple syrup in there. After all, hydrocarbons, carbohydrates, the difference can’t be that great, can it?


I think this guy’s whole shtick is that he destroys stuff that’s at least a little pricey (even his obligatory mentos+coke video involves a destroyed drone). I can concede the appeal of watching it when coming across it in passing, but it wears thin really quick.


Carbohydrates starts with car, so it should start a car. It’s so close to science, it just might work.



Fool! Doesn’t he realize America runs on Dunkin’?


You sacrificed your own IQ for the greater good, saving mine and that of countless others.

Thank you, kind person. Thank you.


Isn’t this just an updated version of putting sugar in your enemy’s gas tank?


Considerably more graphic: putting washer fluid in the oil filter.


I watched it on mute and quickly scanned the video until i saw the car stopped driving. Pretty stupid, no idea who this youtuber is… what i was hoping he’d do was do a science-y video showing what happens when someone puts soda in a car’s gas tank, when i saw that he didn’t do that at all i was glad i didn’t bother to really watch it.


Wikipedia needs to be updated to give Jethro credit for inventing this technology in the 60’s.

No scene-specific image is easily googlible, so you’ll have to use your imagination:

spoiler alert for those still bingeing: When they ran out of water and the car wouldn’t run on gas, Mr. Drysdale realized Jethro had mislabeled the “water” and “gas” tanks. Hilarity ensued.


ok you guys