This is what it's like when tyranny takes hold


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Can’t happen here.


You would know.


Does anyone have a list of successful opposition movements to tyrannical governments? I feel like we’ve covered the “this scenario is eerily similar to when (horrible government) took over in (other country)” pretty well, ready for some inspirational “but then (resistance movement) successfully took their country back by (?)” stories.



First Day of Tyranny: Defying Hitler

First Day of Tyranny: A Handmaid’s Tale

Please note that I published these in June of 2006.


To paraphrase Hemingway on bankruptcy, the descent to tyranny happens two ways: gradually, then suddenly.


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Long even had similar “hair issues” going on …


Cuba. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


Will the US become a tyranny? Or will Trump’s Presidency so stain the GOP that a real progressive can take his place in 2020?

There are a lot of ways this could all play out.


Having already lived through the rise and immediate self-destruction of corruption and tyranny of the Chavez presidency i can say that the signs for such things come very clearly, early on, and with plenty and constant warning signs. They coast to power, consolidate and augment their control over government with the help of the very people that will be affected the most. And the whole time those people will be glorifying and thanking their leader.

I’ve lived through it, and Trump is no exception. The people that support him will burn their own homes down if it meant burning their hated neighbor’s down too.


That is possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve read in a long time. I don’t doubt the truth of it, I’m just appalled by how a lack of empathy becomes horrific in short order.


It doesn’t take much to get there, obviously some social/political circumstances have to be right. But once the pieces are set you just need someone that will lie to your face, but also say out loud the terrible things you think to yourself and actually mean them.

I still don’t know quite what to make of Trump, but i know he’s there to serve himself. He doesn’t believe in anything other than his own ego.


Iran? The 1979 Islamic revolution overthrown a tyrannical government… At least it is what I read in Wikipedia…

Russia. In 1917 a bunch of people overthrown the Czar…


Both instances, and other examples i somewhat recall ended up replacing their current bad government with a much much worse one. I’m not totally convinced those are good examples. You could say that the US is a good example, breaking away from the Monarchy and establishing a democratic government (i’m focusing on what immediately followed, so let’s ignore Trump shenanigans).


I think Alexis de Tocqueville agrees with you entirely.


This one turned out pretty well, though I’m sure there are individuals who wouldn’t agree:


Russia. In 1917 a bunch of people overthrown the Czar…

yeah, but it only lasted about eight months.