This is what makes Tears for Fears' “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” a great song

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If you have access to iPlayer (e.g. a VPN) this is a good watch.


“The Tipping Point” is awesome listening. Papasan 5 Star approval rating…


And they’re going on tour! With Garbage!


Good article from the NYT on What Happens When a ‘Heritage Act’ Wants More Than Playing the Hits?

Tears for Fears are returning with their first new album in 18 years. The group is one of a number of veteran bands releasing fresh music after lengthy pauses. - What Happens When a ‘Heritage Act’ Wants More Than Playing the Hits? - The New York Times

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I’ve been listening to The Tipping Point for the last week or so. Not as catchy as their classic stuff but I like it a lot more than Everybody Loves a Happy Ending.

Sad I’ll be out of town when they’re playing locally :frowning:

Rick Beato is truly a breath of fresh air in the endless cesspit otherwise known as the internet.


There are definitely many old bands that continue to release great music (looking particularly at you Duran Duran, but others too), but I did really like it when several years ago Simple Minds went on tour only playing songs off the first five albums because they admitted that those were the only good ones.


His occasional “modern music sucks” digressions irk me a bit, but yes, on the whole, his enthusiasm for the music he likes is a refreshing respite. I would also recommend Adam Neely for more general music analysis, though he’s much younger.

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Hadn’t heard of Neely before. Will check him out.

Also can recommend Charles Cornell. More of a jazz guy, but a very nice dude who loves him a music.

I like Rick’s videos, but I think that you could make a “what makes this song great” about any song, even pretty bad songs. Just play small samples of them and say “look at that detail” then name some of the chords in a progression and point out any that are slightly unusual. Suddenly there’s something “deep” about the song once you’ve tagged it with musical terms. An unusual instrument? “What song does that??”

This particular Tears For Fears song is ok but it’s pretty boring if you ask me, so boring that i’m not inclined to watch this video. I’m not going to let Beato bedazzle me into thinking there’s something special about it by throwing around a few fancy-schmancy terms.

Those interested in the making of the new album might wish to check out episode 222 of the always excellent podcast Sodajerker on Songwriting. Episode 222 – Tears For Fears | Sodajerker

From what I understand, the original title of the song was going to be Everybody Wants To Start (or go to) A War, but they changed it at the last minute due to the release of the song Two Tribes (Go To War) by Frankie Goes to Hollywood a few months earlier.

I wonder if there is an English Beato? Do they deconstruct 2Tone? :wink:

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If so, are their videos available to the general public?


Roger, Ranking your comment right now!

(Apologies to @Papasan)


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