This is what was on Osama bin Laden's computers


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So he spent his days crocheting socks while watching online porn. Someone should have told him knitted socks are better.


There were tons of kids living there and there was no evidence they were found on his personal computers, so most likely these were family member files.


I wonder what kind of porn he prefers?


Dude had a bunch of wives - who needs porn?


Crochet porn, obvs





Yeah, those wives were probably bored as fuck. The porn must have been theirs.


I was wondering if he played Myst. Guess not. :disappointed:


I was under the impression that Final Fantasy VII was a video game, not a film…


I’m both disturbed and comforted that I’m not the only one who Immediately thought that.


Things I’ve learned from poly friends: having two wives means you get to not have sex twice as often.


Quentin Tarantino might agree with that.


It does with that attitude.

In reality it’s not the number of wives, husbands, or relationship status. It’s dependant on the quality of the relationships and the drives of each individual.


“It also contains…episodes of Tom and Jerry”

I’m sorry. But if “Zoot Cat” wasn’t in his collection, I wouldn’t have given him the time of day:


Why can we have these, but not the ENTIRE collection of files from Kennedy’s assassination?


Man. That sure gives a black eye to the point of poly (at least for some).


And yes, there was also porn.

I knew it.


Quantity != Quality