This Japanese production of The Little Mermaid has stunning production design

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Wheelies or heelies?

Wow - so bizarre to see this here - I just won tickets ~4 hours ago for the June 12th showing!

I agree that the hair cone is quite odd to look at. I wonder if the hair’s that way to keep it out of the wires.

Reminds me a lot of how they do it several times a day at Tokyo Disney Sea … seen it twice there (it is like a 20 minute ‘best of’ show, not the whole thing) … very impressive

When I saw a touring production, main characters like Flounder used heelies so they could switch between walking and ‘gliding’. Other characters wore in-line skates when they wanted to just glide across the stage, and there was still a lot of wire work: characters would float in, unhook, and then glide/walk around while making slow hula motions with their arms as if they were underwater.

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