This map shows the status of women’s rights to health care in each US State

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Litmus test of how backwards each state is. Wisconsin might be the only exception, but they are so gerrymandered that the regressives are setting the laws.


Fixed for accuracy. Yes, these maps always shake out in similar ways, but we have to remember where the fault lies. That’s especially true when you take into account gerrymandering and disenfranchisement.


This map isn’t really a good indicator of the situation on a whole though. Although a woman might have the right to an abortion in Oregon, it doesn’t actually mean she has access to the resources.

From a story from our local newspaper (in conjunction with our local radio station), “…Guttmacher Institute found in 2017 that most Oregon counties — 78% — did not have any clinics that provided abortions.”
Our regional hospitals are run by Providence Health and Services which is a “Catholic health care system,” and therefore will not perform abortions.

The original story is from 2022, and the situation certainly has not gotten any better.


It also doesn’t take into account places where reproductive rights are legally protected, not merely tolerated. There’s also a fair argument to be made that “reproductive rights” encompasses much more than abortion such as access to competent obgyn care, pre- and post-natal insurance for women, protections from abuse and neglect, support for underage mothers (college access, counseling, etc.).

And really, can we ban these goddamn “pregnancy crisis” fraudsters, already?

ETA: None of this is a dig on KFF; I’m glad people are highlighting the crisis, but it will be a sunny day when we recognize the miracle of life is the miracle of motherhood and it doesn’t just manifest the moment a sperm hits an egg or end the moment a baby is delivered. (Also, this includes all people who can also give birth; “motherhood” may not be the best term here).


Corporate wants you to find the difference between these maps…


Seems like pretty cherry-picked data.

A map from 160 years ago based on state policy, while not necessarily reflective of the inhabitants of those states, and made before several mass migrations of people

A map of new COVID cases from a particular week in October 2020. Why not pick a map from April 2020? It would look a lot different with most new cases being in the cities.

A Map of Presidential elections. But its people that vote, not areas of land. State government is controlled by voter supression.

The marriage map is really just a population density map, but spread out across zip codes, which tells you what?

I’m all in favor of displaying data graphically, but this ain’t it.

Also, obligatory:


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