This mossy plant may be 'more medically effective than cannabis'


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The party’s over


Could this be vaporized? Asking for a friend :B


Is it good in a salad?


“It’s astonishing that only two species of plants … produce psychoactive cannabinoids,” says Gertsch.

First, aren’t C. sativa and C. indica already two different species? This article thinks so.

Second, all that’s been discovered is that one more plant has this characteristic. Since just a short while ago it was astonishing that only one had it, can’t we maybe expect more? Will that be ‘astonishing’ too?


In the fine print: the yield is really low. Very little active substance in the plant itself. Although, to be sure, the history of ganja since I was paying attention in the early 70s suggests that yield improvement can be amazingly fast with the right incentives.


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