Liverworts contain psychoactive cannabinoid


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I’m imagining the slang right now.

“Do you liv, bro?”

“If you’re not careful, you’re gonna end up slinging wort for a living.”


So how much of the stuff do you need to consume to get a good trip? Asking for a friend.


After mapping perrotetinene’s molecular structure, the researchers created a synthetic version and tested it on mice.

Mice. Right. They didn’t just make mochi out of it, I’m sure.


I foresee a booming business in dried pond scum.


No need to reinvent the wheel here. Liverworts are already a dank weed!


Came that close to going out to stock up on liverwurst.


A real bitch to keep it lit.


Some say it’s edible.


Sounds like the wurst


Now I’m hungry.


Exactly what are liverworts and should I start cultivating them.


I ‘liked’ your post, but, actually, that looks horrible.


Liverwort classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance in


Looks tasty to me


I came to say I was misreading “liverworts” as “liverwurst” and had been thinking, “That explains how people can eat that.”


I smoke liverwort in the morning

I smoke liverwort at night

I smoke liverwort when I play video game

It make me feel alright


Why do you think they call it “wurst”?

(Old Second City song!)


Liverwort is now banned in Utah.