Liverworts contain psychoactive cannabinoid

Well, I certainly don’t remember having any memory loss and…whoops!! Sorry! I just slipped; I’ll be fine. Now where did I put that bud? OUCH! Fine, I’ll be fine.


The liverwort compound may also have fewer negative side effects such as memory loss and loss of coordination, he says.

Whazzat? I thought those effects were features, not bugs.


Liverworst is very diff from Liverwort.
One is sausage the other is Psychoactive plant!
I could see making a sandwich though
with blue cheese and a sprinkling of Liverwort, magic shrooms Iceberg lettuce and balsamic vinegar
Don’t forget the peanut buttter


R. marginata is endemic to New Zealand and Tasmania, and collected dried samples are currently sold via the internet as an emerging recreational drug

Emphasis mine.

What could possibly go wrong.

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Liverworts generally have a permeable integument, so need to live in ■■■■■ places.

There, I said it: ■■■■■.


Thanks! That’s pretty handy and I would try making this if I was not the only person I know who actually loves a good liverwurst and red onion sammish.

They are an inconspicuous, creeping plant that you might see cropping up on brick or stone after a rain, or on potted plants in a shady greenhouse. To me they look less like moss than they do like a small patch of lichen; they’re not soft & fuzzy, but flat & clinging, at least the ones around here. They’re very slow-growing & I’m really not sure how one would “cultivate” them but if the Japanese can grown moss gardens, I suppose someone could grow a liverwort garden.



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