This multi-tool is just $7

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Is there a code? It’s $13.59 now.

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I’m not finding a spot to enter a coupon code, either.

“The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.”


switch the seller to “Shine Hai Direct” (by clicking the “New (2) from $13.59” before add to cart)

Repeat after me: Quality is not cheap, at least not in multi-tools.
This multi-tool costs just $74…and it’s worth every penny.
Gerber 07510G MP600 Bluntnose Multi-Plier with Carbide Inserts

I actually found it laying in the street gutter while cleaning up leaves.
(I’d guarantee someone was extremely pissed after losing it)

A thousand times no. Gerber multitools with the sliding pliers mechanism are quite prone to breakage, from the sliding mechanism itself to the actual plier jaws (Gerber uses a harder, lighter, but more brittle alloy than Leatherman). Working in the office of a construction site, it was the Gerbers, not the Leatherman tools that our guys kept having to replace (we initially had about 50/50 adoption on the site, with a few S.O.G. holdouts).

By far the most useful pocket tool, by eventual general agreement on the jobsites from that company, is the ORIGINAL Leatherman (findable on eBay but no longer available). It has exactly what you need, no more, and the knife blade has no serrations, making it easy to sharpen, unlike most recent Leatherman (and other) products. The pliers on the original Leatherman were also quite good and meshed very well.

Respectfully disagree, it’s the Leatherman Wave, primarily for the insert bit holder. You can get an accessory set of inserts that fit in the belt case with a variety of slot, Phillips, Allen (fractional and metric) and Torx bits. Plus it has BOTH serrated and smooth blades, in addition to a very useful saw, course file and diamond file. Yes, I’ve LOVED mine for 16 years and 2 warranty replacements, one of which was totally my fault.

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