Great deal on the Gerber Dime multi-tool

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I’ve got a Gerber Dime, and it was $10, and my conclusion after using it off and on for a few years is that any amount of money is too much for it. The file is unusable. The pliers flex easily, and so can’t really do very much. The knife has a belly, so is tricky to sharpen on a stone, and it’s a bit too short to sharpen easily on a pull-thru sharpener, so that leaves rod-type sharpeners. The tweezers don’t work, nor do the scissors. The screwdriver bits flex and even tear/bend. Your money would be much better spent, depending on your uses, on a small Leatherman or a Victorinox Classic/Rambler. Keep in mind that all my criticism is based on using similar small tools; I’m not asking this to do jobs meant for a full-size multi-tool. It doesn’t live up to the tool it replaced, the even smaller Sebertool M2. Those are nice. (Edit: Maybe I mean the M4; it’s the one with a set of tools similar to that of the Dime, not the one that’s just pliers and screwdrivers.)


I’ve had a Gerber Dime on my keychain for more than a year, and seem to use it every day. However I gave them away last year as Xmas gifts, and I don’t think any of the recipients have used it once.

I’ve got one as a gift. I still use my mini-Leatherman tools more - well, actually, I only ever use the Gerber if I can’t find the mini-Leatherman.

I use daily the Gerber MP600 , costs $70 bucks. Keep it in the side leg holster slot of coverall bib.

Edit: Marina maintenance shop supervisor as vocation. Versatile and functional. Recommend if trades person working with metal/wire/wood.

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I got one in a two pack when I bought a Gerber Suspension, when I wanted a multitool for work and didn’t want to risk losing my Leatherman Wave - the Dime has had significantly more use than the Suspension, to the point where I just carry that around now and the big brother is back home in a drawer and only comes out when I need a second pair of pliers to use with the wave. I pretty much hold a supermarket together with that little sucker. (though these comments have got my wondering about what Leatherman might have to offer in mini-multies, and also wondering where my victorinox pocket knife has gone…)

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If you give your infant appropriately processed food to eat, it won’t need a multitool.

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