This pigeon is protecting her baby kitten and will attack if you come near her


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A dedicated pigeon-mother. But she’ll have a tough time with the whole mammals and their milk thing.


She’ll be in for a surprise in a few months when that kitten grows up.


That kitten is in for a lifetime of therapy.


I was raised by wolves, so this isn’t a stretch for me.


Usually, cats will remember who their fams are.


Maybe she’s just saving it for later.


Without milk, that kittens not growing up.




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Nonsense. That is obviously a pigeon of means - look at how fancy its nest is. It can definitely afford a wet nurse to feed the kitten.


Hmmm… the kitten looks old enough to have been weaned; while endearing, I’m not sure this story has a good ending…


I don’t necessarily think it does, i doubt the kitten would attack the pigeon and i’m sure that it is smart enough to look for food provided by the humans taking care of it and the birds.


Intentionally? Probably not, given that the little guy seems cool having the pigeon perched on top on him in the first place. But kittens play hella rough, and they grow rapidly…




The kitten isn’t looking too happy about this…


But did you lick your lips and pounce on them once you had grown up?


I was wondering why Sheridan was in royal blue, but then I remembered it was a blanket from the episode where he and Ivanova slept in the office because they wouldn’t pay the increased rent on their apartments.


That kitten has stockholm syndrome


It’s okay! Pigeons can produce a sort of milk too!