This Pioneer center speaker is the piece to build your entire home theater around

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For once a thing from the Boing Boing shop that I’d actually recommend.


I still have mine boxed. I needed to buy the whole set to get a discount, but it is too large to sit in front of my TV, so I kept using the Bose VCS-10 I bought at Circuit City for way too damn much. (The rest of the Andrew Jones set is very nice.)

I wonder if that problem times a thousand is why the center speaker is the only one here in sad overstock purgatory.

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It’s discontinued. I’m guessing this is the “certified refurbished” version, which you can get from for 79.00 or amazon for 99.01.

I mounted mine on a little shelf just above the TV.

Interesting choice of components to build a system “around”. One would think either amplifier or mains, but perhaps I’m just old fashioned.


It’s true that the centre channel is the most important speaker in a home cinema system.
And no matter which one you get, the front left and right speakers should ideally match it (not be outright identical, but the three should be a regular pair of speakers + the dedicated centre speaker of the same model range) for a consistent front stage.

Also, it does seem possible that this model, like some others on here say, is discontinued and probably being sold as factory refurbished or maybe new old stock. Andrew Jones does look a bit younger in that video than in more recent ones I’ve seen, but he remains a well renowned speker designer/engineer: Last I heard he’s working for the German speaker manufacturer ELAC.

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