The New York Times called the Marshall Stanmore II the best Alexa speaker and now, it’s on sale

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I find it fascinating that the site I associate pretty much most specifically across the entire interwebs as the one that constantly rants about the evils of such things as “Amazon” and “ever-listening smart speakers” hawks such so very blatantly, in such an advertorial fashion, to generate revenue. Does anybody else find this to be interesting and somewhat ironic?


The New York Times called the Marshall Stanmore II the best Alexa speaker

Yes, but to be fair that was in an opinion piece by Tom Cotton


but what does Mike Pence think of the Marshall Stanmore II


LOL :joy:Ok this funny

btw I am a big fan, I just saw the footage of your original battle with Gojira, and I also really enjoyed you in a particularly cosmic form in the more recent anime movie trilogy. :raised_hands:



Is it just Alexa? Do they make or does it work with Google Home too?

Misread it as Marshal Stranamore (Strangelove in Italian)
What I find wrong is this is that if i need to interact with a voice operated system, in ‘cold war style, it’ more correct to use the system depicted in the photo.


Let’s hear Cory Doctorow chime in on the statement “We all love home smart speakers like the Amazon Alexa.”
No need for a mandatory Telescreen when we have constant shilling for voluntary surveillance through media outlets that should know better.

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Do they offer it without Alexa integration? I’m not about that surveillance life.

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So why not just buy the Amazon gizmo, then find a good speaker (I’ve bought lots of metal-cased small speakers aimed at car audio at garage sales for a few dollars, kind of like Radio Shack aminimus-7).

Open up the gizmo (I admit I don’t know if that’s easy to do) and wire in the external speaker where the internal speaker is. Perhaps an amplifier between the two is needed for best sound, I don’t know.

Not only is this do it yourself, but given that Marshall is known for guitar amplifiers, I can’t help but think this is propelled by the name brand, rather than good sound. I’m sure just about any speaker is better than the internal one, it’s bound to be small and in a tiny plastic case.

But I barely know what these gizmos are, I’ve certainly never seen one in person.

You don’t need to go through such hoops to hook Alexa units to an external speaker — they have 1/8” audio output jacks for just such a purpose.

I remember when Marshall was a reputable maker of high-end musician gear, and not a “brand” that licensed its name to Internet of Shit baubles.

Not on this site, you won’t.



I said I hadn’t seen one live.

So it’s definitely worth scrounging a speaker and plugging it in.

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BB these days is less “directory of wonderful things” and more “two-minute hate and shilling for the corporate borg.”


I mean, I have Alexa speakers in almost every room of my house, so I’m not particularly judgy that they hawk them. What I find strange is the quasi-abusive behavior of the site, in that they both encourage and admonish the same behaviors/products/corporations/etc. I think that’s not so cool. Why attack the very notion of using certain classes of products, and then shove them down your readers’ throats? I generally consider people who do this kind of thing to be a-holes.

Yes, they do. I bought a Marshall Stanmore bluetooth speaker and it’s great.


If you can’t jack-in a guitar, it’s BS.

Your Bluetooth guitar doesn’t need a plug. j/k

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