This pocket-sized projector plays 360-degree video and is on sale for over 30% off

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"Designed with a low lumen count for a child’s safety […] "

That’s a new spin, isn’t it?


wireless cooling

Nice one.


JFC. This doesn’t present 360-degree video, or anything close to that.

It’s a regular projector, but one that you can pick up, and it’s able to track its position. That’s the extent of this “360-degree” action.

ETA: WTF is “wireless cooling” supposed to be?

I’m sure like the kid in the picture my 3yo would think this is great. I on the other hand will happily stick with my JVC RS series projector for anything that matters.

“project video on to a flat surface up to 12 feet wide” - how is this 360 degree video?

A Boing Boing moderator threatened to delete my account if I say that the Boing Boing Store is lying in their ads again, so I won’t say that here. It must be an “alternate fact” that a 12 foot wide image is actually 360 degrees around. But the people running Boing Boing Store should be ashamed of themselves.


What the video is demonstrating is one common meaning of “360 video”. I would personally prefer one of the planetarium-like projectors that project in all directions at the same time, but I I don’t think one ill ever be within my budget even with a BB shop promotion.

If you hold the projector and turn in a circle, moving the image across the wall, to adjacent walls, to the wall behind you, etc, the image changes to what you would see if you were at the camera’s location and turning the same way.

Of course, you can get a much better home projector (not the quality of @lathade’s JVC) for less money if you don’t care about this gimmick.


Bull. This is not a common meaning of “360-degree video.”

It wouldn’t have even been that hard to do a shitty job of it — just project straight up onto some sort of conical mirror. Granted, with horrible brightness and image quality.

I mean if you do it REALLY FAST … /s


Better tell Wikipedia:

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