This Pongo Portable Set lets you play ping pong on any table in the house

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The perfect gift for the children of your enemies.


I like this because in Korean Pongo means fart.


I read this in a Ralph Wiggum voice… and it totally works!


… oh, and also I think I still have a version of this that nerf came out with about 30 years ago. It is somewhere in my mother’s house.


That makes this better in so many ways.

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Moms everywhere want to throttle the inventor.

We have one of these sets. I wouldn’t recommend it.
The primary problem is the paddles are weighted strangely. The handle collapses for storage but there is little benefit to that, and the strange paddle feel is the result of this design. The smaller, secondary, problem is that the net sags slightly over time (as the ball hits it) – not enough spring tension to pull it taut.

And in Latin (or at least Neolatin as used in biological classification and not necessarily by Romans) it means Orangutan

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