This programme is not available in your territory

So it’s kind of likely I will never see the rest of Spectre, which I started on the plane.

I landed here, away from home, a very decent place it is too.

And my Sky movie thing won’t let me watch on my iPad.

FIND A WAY, my god! Just stop the bullcrap!

I’ve been consuming less and less media over the last 15 years, and this is seriously a major contributor!

I’m an economics grad, and law, and finance - I understand how this all works, and how the entertainment industry is eating itself from the inside out.

Christ, what assholes.


Arr, matey! Methinks you need some of the Spanish Main’s finest customer service.


As of five years ago or so, a VPN had become almost mandatory for anyone wishing to view stuff unfettered.


Well, there’s always this.

which has the added advantage of not giving money to Rupert Murdoch.


I think I spend too much time here; I keep getting the impression that we’re on the cusp of a whole new social paradigm, but it’s probably just the echo chamber effect.


Are there educational sources where interested students can best pursue the concepts without having to read a poorly written and incomplete Ikea manual walkthrough of the latest widget-configuration?

My STEM friends say learn by doing, which can be another way of saying go away and let me work. Practicing does work, but more slowly without clear fundamental concepts. And it takes all kinds to remake a social paradigm.

And writing with the right mix of abstraction and specific examples probably bores some who would rather do than teach. Sad news for people in my situation.

Lots of cookbook recipes and rarely Jeff Potter’s Cooking for Geeks.

Maybe traveling along the cusps of partly new paradigms.

What reciprocating social engines can displace the current lonely-people-shared-content-sold-to-advertisers engines?

Arrr, matey. :skull:



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