How the EU's imaginary "value gap" would kill user-generated content online

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In practice this would require that online platforms extensively monitor anything being uploaded and delete it if it could generate a legal risk.

That’s okay; it doesn’t cost the commission a nickel.



I very much agree with the makers of the movie. But christ, what an aweful movie! It is very unclear from the movie what’s actually at stake. It just throws around scarewords and some feelgood images of an evil businessman vs an angelic artist. It doesn’t explain anything. Not even the words from it’s title (value gap).

Also, for every evil music exec there are at least 10 indie music producers barely scraping by, and they do get killed by youtube and the like. And that’s a pity. As it was a pity that lots of very skilled horsebuggy makers went out of business when cars came.

Pretending there are no problems and it’s all just greed of the music industry is weak and gives the copyright lobby ammunition to shoot down your arguments.


Just wait until they have chips in your brain that charge you when you think about a song

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I did not watch the video, but is this about the idiotic directive of the idiot Oettinger?

If so I have some good news: The EP Committee on Legal Affairs discussed the proposal and Therese Comodini Cachia, reporting member for the submission, announced that she will try to kick out a few of the more stupid ideas, like the reversal of evidence.

About a week ago the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection discussed the proposal and the opinion is a good one - they more or less removed everything about the special rights for publishers forcing search engines and similar to buy a licence (Spain tried this with a local law. effect: Google News Spain closed. Germany tried this with a local law. effect: all publishers gave Google News a free-of-cost licence).

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