This rainbow lorikeet bird and its human enjoy hissing happily together

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Right behind my apartment in Sydney is a lovely wooded park. And of course it attracts a lot of birds. But there are a couple of gregarious species such as Rainbow Lorikeets that like to perch on our balconies and on the block next door. I love the way these birds horse around for seems like hours at a time and jostle with one another while chattering away - it’s a beautiful site. Then there are the Kookaburras. everybody knows that they laugh - but do you know how freakin loud these birds are when you have 4 or 5 of them perched outside your bedroom on the balcony. Funny thing is, it’s like being in a hide - you’d never get this close to them in the wild.


Damn dinosaur, you sassy


Australian’s parrot fauna may be dinosaurs but their screeching is more like how I imagine pterodactyls to sound.
Rainbow lorikeets is nectar feeders and appear to be on a perpetual sugar rush.

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