This restaurant in New York has only one table


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I would presume anyone can order to go, they just happen to have a single table available to eat in. I don’t think i’ve had Indonesian food, i would be totally into trying some out. Nom nom.


This isn’t really that uncommon in NYC. Most of the places focus on takeout, but there are also plenty of these hybrid ethnic groceries/sitdown spots and “cab stands”. The cab stands I used to frequent would have huge gallon jars of mango pickle sitting on the counters and dozens of drivers standing around talking and eating out of hand.

I just looked up my go-to place and they’re still there. Lahore Deli on Crosby @ Houston is the jam!


This is what I was thinking. There are no shortage of corner delis in NYC that have only one or two tables shoved into a corner. Everybody eats on the go.


And a handy Pest Control School with 24 hour service right there. (In case you wake up at two in the morning wanting to learn how to eradicate rats, like urgently?)

I have always been a bit leery of these teeny little food prep places in stores that overall don’t inspire confidence as to cleanliness and food safety.


I smell love’un from the oven.


An excellent goal.It’s fantastic!


I love seeing how different food is from different cultures :slight_smile: i’ll have to see if i can find one near me at some point.


Yeah my favorite taqueria in the city was this sort of thing. Little bodega put in a small steam tray and electric griddle. A crock pot. Started making tacos and tamales. Food was good enough they attracted a following from the staff of local bars. Made enough to get a liquor license and start selling cheap canned beer. Added a few tables. Now theirs a line and their crowd spills out onto the street.


Well deserved sounds like. Working in the food business is damn hard work.


Sadly I heard they closed recently.

Still doing good business but the landlords hiked the rent because the building now housed a well known restaurant.


Oh you don’t know what you are missing. Indonesian and Malaysian food generally is fantastic.

And they do pop up in the strangest places. There is a little market in the town of Kongwak, about 140 km outside of Melbourne where two Indonesian women sell curry dishes once a week. Its a similar small scale, high demand setup.


Lots of Indonesian and Malaysian places in Philly. One of things I miss about living down there. Big boom of Filapino food there these days too.


The worst business/restaurant pairing I’ve ever seen appeared during a drive around Philly. There was a Chinese takeout right next door to a cat veterinarian. One of my siblings speculated if many patients pulled through, while the other wondered if the restaurant’s specialties were similar to Dragon, Tiger, & Phoenix.


Reminded me of this:


Hey, they’ve got a pest control school right around the corner. All those eager trainees need somewhere to practice.


That sounds a little like all the abuelas that bring chafing dishes out in front of their buildings on weekends and sell mainly Dominican and Puerto Rican dishes right from their stoop. Not in my neighborhood, but down in Bed Stuy and the areas around Prospect Park.


Sounds awesome if you ask me


A bit. That’s basically how they started. They put exactly what you find on an unlicensed food cart on the counter next to the register.

We used to get those guys when I lived in bushwick. The grilled corn vendors were all over. But the guys selling tamales or menudo or other soups would not sell to gringos. I tried for 4 years to get in on the tamales. No dice.


This is the first place I ever tried Indonesian food, when I lived around the corner from them in 2009. Glad to hear they are still doing their thing!