Top 50 best restaurants in the world

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Anyone been to these? I went to Central. It was fine. Decent, interesting. Waitstaff seemed to think they were better than you. It was alright. I don’t get it. I’ve never been to other “word class” kind of joints, so I don’t know if that’s to be expected. As it always in life, I guess, nothing lives up to the hype.

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Well, I’ve been to none of them.

Seems like Lima is a good place to eat out.

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Do any of them serve the Bloomin’ Onion? I don’t see how the top 50 has anything except branches of Outback.


Le Benardin was fine. I guess it would make the cut of my personal top 10.

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At Central you also had the here’s a tiny little piece of food that looks like a sampler but is in fact the “full” entree thing. Is there a word for this? It’s served on a giant plate too. With something drizzled nearby.

I am more than happy with the great restaurants in New Haven… also a lot cheaper once you factor in travel costs :slight_smile:

What are the other 9?

The best restaurant I’ve eaten at in NY is The Four Seasons, I hear that’s moving/closing?

Not really that big on/rich enough for fine dining, although I have eaten at Canlis in Seattle more times than I should have.

What, no bbq joints!?


If you find yourself in Brooklyn, Palo Santo is hard to beat.

Sadly, it looks as if Arrows of Maine is no more. I suspect if I googled more of my favourites I would see them closed as well.

Well, looks like Fishy-Fishy is still going in Ireland.

I think about Rudy’s more than I think about Le Benardin, that’s fo shure.

I remember a fabulous restaurant we found in Buenos Aires in the San Telmo area - hidden behind a completely unmarked door.

I think it might have been this one.

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I’ve been to L’arpege (#12) in Paris. It was good, but I was so jet-lagged that I hardly remember many details except that I’m 90% sure the chef was sleeping with the sommelier. I’ve also been to The French Laundry (#50) which is easily the best meal I’ve ever had in my life.

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