This retro-looking keyboard eases the strain on typing

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I think you mean macOS.

It’s always kind of amusing to hear a native English speaker try to sound natural while reading ad copy poorly translated from Chinese. “We continue to adopt the singular spherical round keycaps design” - I’m curious what word translates as ‘adopt’ because it’s used everywhere in translated Chinese ad copy and you rarely see it used that way by a native speaker.

Indeed. I also love how “tactile” (in the subtitle) somehow became “tactical” when read out. Might not be the best voice actor? One might even suggest that an English-speaking voice actor ought to do some grammar work to make sure the script makes sense?

As for the keyboard, it sure looks nice, but the blue switches (ugh! give me browns, PLEASE) and lack of an ISO layout makes it a no-go for me.

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