This Samsung Wireless Charging Stand is now just $29

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Better than the previous version (which seemed to indicate that Samsung had a patent on Qi), but still misleading. Qi is not a Samsung invention, it’s an interface standard.


If this is posted twice in one day, does it mean it’s twice as awesome? Or does it need twice the hype because… well you know…


I noticed that, and wondered if I forgot something about Qi charging…

Counterpoint - This one from Seneo is cheaper, better-looking, slimmer, and doesn’t contain the Samsung branding:

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Hmmm, looks OK, but how come it won’t charge my Galaxy Note 7?

PLEASE NOTE: For fast charge mode, this QC 2.0 adaptive fast charger requires a QC 2.0 adapter(NOT INCLUDED) as its power source.

So, it probably cost $5-$10 more, once you include the cost of the additional OEM Fast Charging adapter from Samsung.

Did it come with an OEM Fast Charging Wall Adapter? If not, it’s a refub unit.

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