This seven-minute video shows amazing Hong Kong

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It’s a hell of town, for sure.


Check out his other videos. I especially like Tokyo Roar.

That was a great video. My wife and I have many fond memories of the weekends we spent in Hong Kong in the late 1980s. We’d love to go back some day.

I miss Hong kong so much. I’d love to live there again.

Lovely video. Through thick and thin HK endures.
Proud to say HK has been my home for over 20 years.

Nice video - love the motion.

What the video portrays is, however, merely the ‘Chinatown’ side of Hong Kong.

In actuality the racial, cultural, class, business, academic,technology diversity of the city is far greater than depicted.

Perhaps the video might best be seen as as an idealized vision of the rapidly developing mainland cities…,

Beautiful video but yes, we don’t really focus as much on lion dancing and joss burning as is suggested.

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That’s because you’re all so busy dragon boat racing. No time for the other stuff.

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