Chinatown Lunar New Year's parade (photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


That little tyke really is hilarious.

Her expression. Is it wonder? Bewilderment? Longing? Envy? Regret? Pity? Disdain? I see them all.
Excellent picture. It has that Elliot Erwitt juxtaposition.


We had an early dim sum at Ping and watched the parade from Mott st. It was a bit of a let down this year. The highlights were definitely the people in the photos above, the larger segmented dragons, Chuck Schumer, and the local boy scout troop/elementary school homemade dragons. The corporate floats were really phoning it in though, and the dragon dancers went by way too fast. I think any corporate float should be required to either buy or make a dragon, or just sponsor a local dragon dance / drum crew. Anyway, I guess all the action is in the side streets when the crew dance through the crowd going in and out of the restaurants and shops. I’ll stick to that from now on probably.

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I used to know a former Miss Chinatown. Lovely gal, really.

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