This tennis ball catch is amazing

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Interesting. Alcaraz caught the ball because his serve was out - presumably called by the umpire. In Federer’s case his serve was in, but it looks like the return was obviously out. In that case though I’d expect the umpire (sticking very close to the rule book as they typically do at the pro level in all sports) to view that as a return attempt - or do they just cut them a bit of slack when it’s that obvious?

pretty sure it hit the net on the way over

you can hear the umpire chime in

now with no racket:


Ah, you are right. I had been listening with the sound off.

I think Alcaraz could be the next Nadal.


From now on that is how I will open my (correctly) boiled egg.


Wow. He has balls.

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That could go horribly wrong, actually.

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One of my tennis coaches would do stuff like this, or do some trick shots between his legs just to flex on us kids

Doggo (In a Scoobie-Doo voice) - ‘Hold my beer.’


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