Concept for a tennis ball picker-upper





You don’t really need to bend over to pick up a tennis ball, just do the first example here:


What about making the tennis ball of solid steel, and put a magnet on the racket as a pick-up device?

As a bonus, the games would be more interesting.


Yes, this is a thing that needs no brand name. Self-adhesive Velcro exists already. Apply it.


I came across a reference once to a ball boy back in medieval times killed by a tennis ball. I’ve looked for it since, and not been able to find it again. I think it might have been mentioned in ‘Renaissance Magazine,’ in the late 90s, but I’m not sure. I think the balls were harder then.


Recently, Mark has started sounding like Andy Rooney complaining. Sigh.

Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes


“I don’t play tennis, but is that going to stop me from endorsing this tennis-related product?”


Is that a tennis ball for ants?




With a little practice, it’s quite easy to simply scoop the ball up with your racket. Seems to me the velcro hooks (I’m assuming that’s what they’re using) would quickly frazzle the fuzz from the ball in tufts.


It is not a product. It is a concept design.


We’re only heckling because we love you, Mark.


Didja ever wonder why Andy Rooney isn’t on 60 minutes anymore? RIP


Medieval tennis was a very different sport to the tennis that’s commonly played today. Also far more confusing.


Any dignified tennis player would not want to be seen with this invention. It’s like lesson 2 where you are taught to pick up a ball by placing your foot against it and toss it up swiftly with the racquet. I’m a terrible player myself, but even I would feel embarrassed with this.

Besides, the hurdle to picking up balls has always been the leaves and dead bugs that clings to them. The velco will only make it more disgusting.


Would live bugs make it better?


I just pay the Butler to play tennis for me.


Might this make sense for wheelchair tennis players? I don’t know how they pick up the ball currently.


Ball? Ball! Ball!!!

I never had to pick up a tennis ball… (now getting them back is another story).

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