Nut Wizard also picks up tennis balls


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Kinda silly on smooth floor over a simple broom and dustpan but it looks quite useful for stuff in grass/turf or large enough to be awkward like the tennis balls.


“You’re a nut wizard, Harry.” ~ Rubeus Hagrid, Harry Potter & The Balls of Tennis


No, it is great for concrete floors too, because it just picks up just the casings and not all the lead dust and dirt. We use them at USPSA practice, so each person can get their cases back, as many people reload.

The broom method is better for general use where people just sweep the brass into pans and dump them into a bin, which later gets sold for scrap or to ammo re-manufactures, who use cool sorting machines that separates the various sizes into their own bins for reloading.

The Great Gun Derail

I’m pretty sure all wizards are nuts.


Katamary Approves!


when i was in school, i was a nut wizard for one of my professors, too. good times.


Even deaf, dumb and blind, I managed to graduate at the head of my class in pinball wizardry.


I don’t think I’ve ever found one pecan on my lawn, never mind 40 pounds.

This guy seems to have the problem so much he needs a special tool to remove them!


I swear the 2nd law of thermodynamics is being violated here.


So satisfying to watch


Well at least i know what i’m going as this halloween now…


Nut wizard, eh? I wonder if this can be used to pick up heart-shaped bicycle lights?


Need a wizard for picking up dog poop.


ooooo, i’ve heard of you!


Sorry, but that thing’s not getting anywhere near my nuts.

Just sayin’.



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