Tuba turned into a bathroom sink and tenor horns repurposed as urinals


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/12/26/tuba-turned-into-a-bathroom-si.html


I think the urinals in question are baritone horns. Definitely not French horns.


Considering how my daughter’s trumpet corroded through, the use of horns as urinals looks like s good way to get urine all over the floor.



A bagpipe. Any bagpipe. Every bagpipe. Please.

Oh, and most accordions, too.


Maybe a kettle drum for the toilet.


It looks to be more of a covering for the actual pipes. but perhaps they’ve been treated or coated in some manner…


It might be fun but I’m glad I’m not cleaning them.


When you pee they play Thus Spake Zarathustra


Thank you. Those are tenor horns.


It looks pretty now that its new. Give it a couple weeks.



Hands down the trumpet. Obviously impractical due to its smaller bell, but anything to get them out of the hands of trumpet players is a win for humanity.


Wow he must really hate brass.


This sounds like the punch line to an old GWB joke.


Those would be a fucking night mare to clean and will become a corroded mess in 6 months time.





There is much worse company to be in.

psst… that’s an Andy Warhol piss on copper painting and John Cage.
It’s a little joke.


I suppose Handel’s Water Music would be appropriate background.