This time, Kazakhstan uses Borat to promote tourism

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I wasn’t planning on retiring to Kazakhstan - but now.


I want to like Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy but it just leaves me kind of meh.


The rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association remained restricted. Trade unions and NGOs faced difficulty registering with the authorities. The right to freedom of expression was further restricted under anti-extremism legislation. New cases of torture and other ill-treatment against suspects and prisoners were reported. People with disabilities faced constraints on their rights due to restrictive legislation and lack of access to services.

And a nepotistic despot in charge, who has recently adopted the title of Leader of the Nation.

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Is that referring to Kazakhstan? Or the USA? There seems to be a lot of similarity between the two lately.


Are the US+A’s exports of potassium and pubis also plummeting?


It’s a one joke thing. I thought he had run the thing into the ground in
“Da Ali G Show”, but I guess a lot of people never tire of seeing ignorant people say things that embarrass themselves on camera over and over again.

It’s a joke from the movie, you had to be there.

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