This video of a Burn barrel is like a Yule Log for Burners

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need this. thank you.

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For obvious reasons the kink camp I go to every year, or twice last year and was planning to do so again this year, was cancelled. One of the unifying camp moments is the Saturday night burn, a huge bonfire that some attach a lot of emotional feelings to and some just enjoy it for a fire.

The camp has been running for 14 years now, this being the first year since it started that it didn’t happen, and the burn has been part of it since the beginning. From that first burn people were writing notes to throw into the fire, some of things to be let go, some of bright hopes, some frivolous, and some heartbreakingly serious. The second year brought a wishing tree into the picture – a tree (or in a few cases a small wooden structure) placed to hold the notes and trinkets for the fire.

I’ll freely admit, I’ve never been to the burn without crying. It’s powerful, even for an atheist like me, so of course I was brought down quite a bit when I realized it wasn’t going to happen at all this year.

Yesterday it was announced that we’re going to have a virtual burn on what would have been the last night of the Fall camp. That made me very happy and it means that my nesting partner, who doesn’t go to camp, can actually get to “attend” the burn with me!

We’ll have to supply our own marshmallows, though. :smiley:

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