Burning Man's public Fleshlight


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“If you build it, they will come.”


Must get a little funky after a few days in the sun…


I was going to build a little free library in my front yard, but now I have a better idea…


Be warned: the “public dildo” is actually just a frat boy hiding behind a wall with a glory hole cut in it.


Ok, but really, will some guys actually use it???


“Now if you just lick that hole deep enough, you’ll see a light…now don’t mind the grit…oh, you’re not trying hard enough!”


ew Ew EW EWwwwwwwwwww! Yuck



In recent posts on this blog, we’ve seen a man French-kiss a Venus Flytrap, two Russian guys mix butane and Coke in the course of ill-advised experiments in domestic rocketry, and a guy deliberately drive his truck into a lake while it’s on fire.

What do you think?


it’s been a loonnnnnnng summer


Ah yes, point taken!


Carrying on our proud American tradition of spreading disease intentionally.


That didn’t actually happen. A British General mused about it in a letter, but there is no evidence any disease was spread intentionally through blankets or other wise.

Of course intentional or not, those little bugger managed to spread on their own.



So, uh, do we like Burning Man again? :wink:

I personally wouldn’t hold that Fleshlight because you know that no matter how funny or ironic an art installation it is, someone has stuck their dick in it regardless.


Just remember that every time you shake a guys hand, that hand has beaten off that guy many many times.


Thanks for that. Thanks very much.


I try to go on the assumption that it probably wasn’t since he last washed them (although the things you hear in an office toilet, that might be misguided…)


“Was that hand sticky? It felt a little sticky.”